Street Etiquette: Preppy Urban Ivy League Fashion

Calling all neo-preps and buppies!!!  Check out this awesome shoot from Street Etiquette bloggers Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumb. I love how they combine preppy essentials with modern sensibilities. If you have not notice, more and more urban men are opting for the neo-prep look that echos Kanye West but borrows from popular trends from the UK.

According to Work It, the shoot was :

photographed by F.E. Castleberry of Unabashedly Prep…[and] acts as as a tribute to the first black Ivy League colleges and their scholars that paved the way.

Also check out the Spoken Word poetry video shot during the shoot. Peep the skull embroidered slacks! Reminds me of the neo-soul movement that was popular at the beginning of this decade…  Two snaps up!!!

source: Work It Blog

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