V.I.V. (NYC)//Adrienne Landau 70′s Inspired Faux Fur Rope Belt with Venus in Virgo

This Adrienne Landau rope belt with faux fur trim was purely one of those spontaneous buys, I saw it and just had to have it. Maybe because it reminded me of those funky seventies belts my mother used to have or maybe because it just looks so different. You know…like something you find at the market place from a foreign country while traveling. About the length, it’s w-a-a-a-y longer than you imagine it to be! Literally I can use this as an escape rope to slide down a balcony like that fantabulous scene in “Octopussy” when “Magda” unwraps her sari like a french tissu performer spiraling her way down & out of  007’s bedroom from the floating palace. Ah! Love that scene…Back to this belt, it looks short enough wrapped around the model but when I got it home it’s longer in length than me at approximately in 107 inches long. And this is only the missy size which I purchase, how much longer is the women size? It takes several wraps around your waist to look good but it’s a fun belt. It can also double as a funky necktie, purse tassle or if  your creative and patient enough a head wrap.
I chose to purchase one in the gold color which is like a nice lurex gold shade and well constructed with a decent thickness to it allowing the material not to frazzle with wear. Throughout the belt there’s a lovely three knot detail with the tassles constructed of soft faux fur- which was another reason for my purchase. I couldn’t imagine buying this knowing I had dangling dead animals flopping about my waist. I think I’m going to use this wrapped around my black or camel wool coat just to add a pop of something to an otherwise boring coat. I’m also going to try this as a tassle wrapped around a really large hobo purse. What do you guys think? It’s a  little chi chi right?  Oh well, let’s just chalk it up to one of those frivolous impulsive buys.There available in other colors & on clearance if your interested along with a product video to view.Stay beautiful!
-Venus in Virgo
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Availability: HSN On sale $29.99

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  1. by FashionBrewery on January 17, 2011  4:50 pm Reply

    Thanks VenusinVirgo for the wonderful write up! I'm sure our readers appreciate getting the insider details on how to wear it before actually purchasing it! I'm a size ) so I would have to definitely opt for the missy size!

  2. by Maria on January 17, 2011  9:15 pm Reply

    Your welcome XOXO

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  4. by LightShinesHarshly on February 12, 2011  4:58 pm Reply

    Wish this belt came in silver or a black metallic color.

    • by FashionBrewery on March 11, 2011  7:26 pm Reply

      Yes black metallic is very edgy. It can be glam, rocker, or great for a night out on the town.

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