AROUND THE WORLD with Julia from Spain

Hi TBF readers! My name is Julia, but everybody call me Juls. I am a spanish blogger and I am so lucky to have this great oportunity to be here posting in this amazing place. I have my own fashion blog, University Lifestyle, where  I love to post about myself, what I love, my wish list  or  places I like to visit.

For my  first post, I am going to introduce you to my country. I have visited many different places, however, in this post I am going to focus on my country because I want you to learn more about Spain.
As you can see the architecture and landscape is beautiful… Take a quick journey with me to Spain.

I love to go to Asturias, this is in the North of the country. I have a house there so I usually go to spend the summer or in winter because there we have the beach and the mountains.

Oviedo is the big city there. It’s a lovely place. Woody Allen is an Oviedo lover.

I also like to visit El Escorial. That’s a village near my city, Madrid. This is a place with lots of history and the most important thing is the monastery.

Bilbao is another big city that I really love. I have friends there so everytime I go I have an amazing time.

The Guggenheim is the famous museum by Frank Gehry. It’s so interesting not only the exposed stuff but also the building.
Salamanca is the city with the oldest University. It always has a amazing atmosphere because of the young people. This city has lots of pubs near the downtown, where the colleges are.

The cathedral is a really important building you should visit when you go there.

Cuenca is a peculiar city because houses are literally hanged from the mountain. The suspension bridge scares me but It’s worthy to cross it because the view on the other side is unforgetable

I hope you like the pictures! If you ever visit, I also hope that you have a great time visiting  some of the same places.

Kisses, Juls


  1. by Cris on January 11, 2011  5:28 pm Reply

    Me encanta Julia!! =)

    • by FashionBrewery on January 11, 2011  11:48 pm Reply

      Y yo tambien! : )

  2. by Eva María on January 11, 2011  6:35 pm Reply

    Beautiful pictures and her blog is very original and it has her youth and delicacy. I hope you do well in this new way.

    • by FashionBrewery on January 11, 2011  10:36 pm Reply

      I totally agree : ) Juls has a very fresh and youthful perspective. Fashion lovers come in all ages.

  3. by SiL on January 11, 2011  9:07 pm Reply

    I love this post! Thanks Juls for sharing it with us!
    Spain is great, we have to be proud of our contry!!!!

    • by FashionBrewery on January 11, 2011  10:36 pm Reply

      I really think Fashion is a great way to bridge people together from different countries! Spain has a very rich heritage : )

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  6. by Madame jean on January 13, 2011  9:22 pm Reply

    Bonjour Mademoiselle Julia. j'adore la ville...Madame jean

  7. by lee on January 14, 2011  9:25 am Reply

    Amazing pictures

  8. by DeDe on January 14, 2011  5:28 pm Reply

    Great views! Aviators are a great accent to any outfit!

  9. by Manuel on January 15, 2011  4:09 pm Reply

    Me gusta el post. Los sitios mostrados son realmente preciosos y dignos de visita. Sin embargo, es bastante sesgado. Si no fuera español y no tuviera apenas idea de España, su geografía, sus lugares más importantes y emblemáticos..., y me quedase con esta información ¿Qué podría esperar? No sé, creo que le falta muchísimo para ser un post en donde se pincele lo que es España (no hay nada del Sur, no hay Mediterráneo, no hay archipiélagos... por no seguir)
    Me parece un post con buena intención, con buenas instantáneas, pero que se queda cortísimo

  10. by Jeliza-Rose on January 16, 2011  11:28 am Reply

    What a nice post, Julia! Beautiful photographs and interesting comments!

  11. by HighClassGurl on January 16, 2011  8:23 pm Reply

    Me encanta!

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