Meet Brazil’s Alana Ruas: Fashion Student & Blogger

Meet Brazil’s Alana Ruas, a relatively new voice on the fashion blogging scene…  She is popular for her compelling lookbook style photographs and has compiled quite a following of popular style expression site, Her blog’s address is:

Tell someting about yourself:

Hi I’m Alana Oliveira Ruas, Im 22 years old fashion student from Brazil. I dress according to my feelings at that period in my life. I expect to show different and interesting styles, because my feelings are changing constantly.

Who influences your personal style and how would you describe your style?

My mother and my boyfriend influence me in creating my personal style. Also the music that I listen and the mood that im in plays a big part. I would define my style at the moment as alternative chique with a romantic touch.

Why did you start your blog?

To showcase my style, my ideas about fashion and to show the clothes that I am making in fashion school. I also started blogging in order to inspire people on how to dress differently.

Who is your favorite fashion blogger and why?

My favorite fashion blogger is because they are always showing the last developments in the fashion world and the trends to come

What are your plans for 2011?

In 2011 I will develop more of my own creations and hopefully find a job or internship in the area of styling and of course always keep on improving my blog!

What are your favorite brands? Coven, Chanel, DOC DOG

Do you have a favorite runway or fashion model? Adriana Lima,Linda Evangelista and Doutzen Kroes

Where do you see fashion moving to in the future? I think fashion is going in a direction where its getting more and more personalized based on the style of each individual

How do you think fashion blogging impacts the industry? I think the blogging makes the fashion world more transparent. More and more we see the internet as a powerful medium to show fashion trends, now the fashion designers sometimes even inspire themselves bases on what they see on blogs.



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  2. by Gabriela Rêgo on January 24, 2011  12:57 pm Reply

    Minha amiga é muito chic (L)
    Parabéns, Lana

    • by FashionBrewery on January 25, 2011  7:34 pm Reply

      Thank you Lana for visiting : ) Yes she is very chic!

  3. by Alex on February 11, 2011  11:08 pm Reply

    Would love to see another feature on her.

  4. by edith on April 24, 2012  4:05 pm Reply

    You are so beaituful girl! wanna follow each other? greetz from Poland :)

  5. by Elise on May 19, 2013  6:17 pm Reply

    Wow she's gorgeous!!

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