Josie from England: Video is taking over// Angelo Pennetta for Topshop

When the fabulous 2010 Topshop holiday video campaign shot by emerging photographer Angelo Pennetta was released recently I fell in love…

When the fabulous 2010 topshop Christmas fashion film, shot by emerging photographer Angelo Pennetta was released recently I fell in love with it- the lighting, styling and concept were all stunning.

I then realised I recognised several of his shoots from LOVE magazine, so I started to investigate his work and found more videos of his beautiful models.

Here’s the stunning topshop footage:

Another video which sticks out in my head is this video of Lily Donaldson's flying hair, shot by her father Matthew Donaldson:

I think video in fashion will become a lot more prevalent in the next few years... Watch out folks! And click more for a silly little tribute I made with my beautiful friend Rosie.

Josie x

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Who is Josie? Josie is a student and photographer from England.


  1. by FashionBrewery on January 12, 2011  10:33 am Reply

    Josie...this film is lovely. I am watching it a second time. You have plenty of talent! : )

  2. by Madame jean on January 13, 2011  9:35 pm Reply

    Chère Mademoiselle Josie j'aime regarder "You Tube" Madame jean

  3. by lee on January 14, 2011  9:27 am Reply

    I'm so loving the wind in the hair.....such beautiful shoots

  4. by DeDe on January 14, 2011  5:35 pm Reply

    I really liked the candlelit shots; especially where you're blowing out the candles.

  5. by FashionBrewery on January 16, 2011  1:48 am Reply

    Thank you readers for taking time to watch Josie's tribute. Make sure to also check out her fashion blog!

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