Photo by Katy Winn/ Getty Images
Photo by Katy Winn/ Getty Images

Say Goodbye to Baby Phat…

Kimora Lee Simmons has closed up shop…there will be no more Baby Phat runway shows as the line has been discontinued. However, with the large amount of merchandise still out there, true Baby Phat fans can snap up items in the next few months. Kimora has represented urban fabulosity and I am sure she will bring that same dose of glamour to her new fashion projects…

Kimora will be focusing her energies on : Kouture by Kimora as well as her other brands KLS and Hello Kitty.

Goodbye, Baby Phat

“Kimora and Russell also discuss the future of Baby Phat. Russell advises her to move on from the brand. He smartly tells her to let go of Baby Phat and embrace who she is now, a woman who has grown, matured and become a mom since her early Baby Phat days. Russell proves to be wise and knowledgeable although they are divorced, the two managed to still be friends, and he continues to encourage her creative and entrepreneurial spirit. As independent as she is, Rusell’s insight into business and branding is enough to make Kimora pause and admit that ‘Russel is right.’  ”

-OMG Yahoo (Read the entire article : Here!!! )

photo by John Shearer/ (Kimora Lee Simmons- 2011)


  1. by Arron on February 11, 2011  11:11 pm Reply

    I like Kimora Lee but I think it was time for Baby Phat to go. It has gone down over the years in quality. I think she made a good decision to cut her losses as it did not appeal to many people outside of the urban crowd.

    • by FashionBrewery on March 11, 2011  7:25 pm Reply

      I think she has fans that will definitely follow her if and when she creates a new line. I never wore Baby Phat...but I agree with her decision to branch off

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