India’s First Luxury Beachwear//Sophisticated Swimwear by SHIVAN & NARRESH

Shivan & Narresh have some amazing swimwear and coverups… With the weather heating up, here is a line that is sure to make you the object of admiring glances every where you go. I absolutely love swimwear!!! The folks at Shivan & Narresh have been keeping me updated with the line’s progress. I have been meaning to share this line with TFB readers but things have been hectic. Check out their website, for purchase information… Shivan & Narresh is an amazing line with elegant details that will flatter a girl’s figure.

Discover India’s first luxury beachwear line:



India’s first and only swimwear brand launches at SAF Swim Show Miami JULY 16-19 2011

New York, NY –  India’s only luxury swimwear brand will be showing their new collection, ‘Mosaic,’ in this year’s SAF Swim Show in Miami, making it the first brand out of India to ever participate in the industry’s most comprehensive and sought after swim show in the world. The show will be held at the Miami Breach Convention Center on July 16 – 19 where the renowned swim duo will show their new Spring/Summer 2012 collection for the first time to buyers in the US.

This will mark Shivan & Narresh’s exciting launch in the US under their new brand image.

About Shivan & Narresh: ‘SHIVAN & NARRESH’ was launched in Cannes at ‘Mare di Moda’ with their 100% stitch free swim line. SHIVAN & NARRESH has a unique signature style that is bold, confident & sophisticated. Flawless lines, undisputed eye for detail and utter sophistication are words that could be used to define the brand.

After the launch in Cannes, the duo shifted their studio to India, and became the first mainstream beachwear designers doing 100% handcrafted stitch-free beachwear along with ready to wear swimwear made all in 100% Italian fabrics and complementing resort wear.

SHIVAN & NARRESH are recipients of several awards in recognition of their design & creativity. They received the SWAROVSKI Most Creative Designer of the Year (‘07); Debutant Designer of the Year (‘07) at India Fashion Week and winners of the World of Wearable Art Awards, Wellington, New Zealand (‘06). The duo was discovered in 2006 by MITTELMODA, the oldest Italian talent search organization, based in Gorizia, Italy through Mittelmoda International Beachwear Awards in Bali. SHIVAN & NARRESH is the only Indian swimwear brand to be featured in the 2010 and 2011 Kingfisher Calender. They were also part of Elle Magazine’s power list for 2010 and are the Brand Ambassadors of Cotton Council International (CCI) 2009/10. They are also the recipients of Best Emerging Designers 2010 at the Marie Claire Fashion Awards 2010, Best Resort Wear at the Elle Style Awards 2010 and the 2nd Runners Up at the Swarovski Jewelry Design Awards 2010.

Besides selling to select stores and boutiques, SHIVAN & NARRESH is the only brand to create made to measure swimsuits to select clients.

Also check out their most recent newsletter:

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