Fashion Film: FORMAT by Director Christian Straud x Berlin fashion icon Esther Perbandt (Watch it + My Review)

| FORMAT | by  director Cristian Straub in collaboration with the Berlin fashion icon Esther Perbandt.

The film features the latest S/S 2012 collection by legendary Berlin Designer Esther Perbandt. We tried to translate the edge and non-conformist philosophy of the designer in one fashion film opus – and we’d like to think we did succeed.

The title “FORMAT” speaks for itself: The film is divided into four chapters, each of it uniquely shot in it’s own format. Actually it’s the worlds first Turnaround-IPad-Film, which let the viewer interact in a special way. The “1984”-inspired film tells the story of two individuals breaking out from an uniform army of working dummies and finding their own and unique style. The designer, from a control center, is leading them towards style freedom…

Watch it:

View the special IPad-Version:

My Review//

I found myself immediately enamored with the unique black and white text used throughout the film. The control room was modern and the workers exuded a sense of industry. The use of lights and levers at the beginning, paired with the black and white tile floor, was reminiscent of Frankenstein and rather gothic. I thought the various work people appearing in the control room at different times was a nice touch. The score went well with the visual elements of the film. The music complimented the editing pace and contributed to the film’s overall feel. I especially liked the industrial imagery used through out the film. At some point a column of smoke unfurls and the film cuts to shots of models running through narrow rectangular corridors. For me this was one of my favorite moments. The models ran gracefully and shifted their body sideways to pass through. See photo below. I think it was one of the better fashion films I have seen this year. I liked the sense of unity and purpose through the narrative. I also liked the use of the tiled floor and the ever expanding shirt. I was not crazy about the kleidiscope effects but I thought it was consistent with the film’s prominent use of geometric shapes. Another lovely scene was the the stairway shot @ 5:33.  FORMAT was otherwordly and at some moments reminded me of the existentialist themes and hauntingly beautiful black and white filmography  found in italian films like L’Avventura. I hope you all enjoyed FORMAT. I will be posting some more fashion films soon!

Production: Riese Farbaute /

Directed by: Cristian Straub /

Cinematography: Sin Huh

Camera Assistant: Paul Spengemann

Compositing: Thomas Hartmann

Designer: Esther Perbandt /

Assistance: Monika Ackermann

Hair & Make-Up : Katrin Wespel

Flower Sculpture: MARSANO

Models: Adrian Bleschke, Beatrix Falke @ Mocca

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