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Everyone loves brands, but not everyone loves the costly price tags that often accompany a must-have item. Here are some lovely look-a-likes inspired by luxury designer items. If you go to the Zara you’ll always find a good item. Make the test for yourself when choosing between luxury and lower end. In some cases you might surprise your self by purchasing a cheaper item of similar quality. For some items, it is worth the investment–especially staple items and modern takes on classic pieces.

It not that hard to recognize a quality item with a lower price point. Here are some tips to recognize them…

  1.  Pay attention to details, expensive items will be more finished and detailed.
  2. Some brands with clothing at a middle price point can achieve luxury brand details. Look at the stitching of the clothing when buying items and asses tif you would like the item to last beyond the season.
  3. Look at the materials– designer items are often made from  better quality materials. For example Gucci shoes or Miu Miu heels are made of quality material and the workmanship will often be of higher quality.
  4. Pay attention to buttons, a significant use of buttons and zippers ( of good quality) indicate a high-priced items.
  5. Look at the material used to line the item. This is a great test for handbags, coats, and dresses. Insufficient lining can make a dress appear cheap. it can also make a winter coat ineffective against the cold. Know the purpose for which you are buying an item if it is made of inferior quality.

Remember clothing is an investment and buying quality items at whatever price point will save you from headaches and the need to repurchase similar items!

Hopefully these tips will help you perfect the designer look this holiday season! Enjoy!

Green and Blue Snake Heels, £785 by Gucci

Blue Faux Snakeskin Platforms, £85 byDune

Gold Glitter Heels, £370 by Miu Miu

Grey Sparkly Heels, £60 by Topshop

Sparkly Sleeveless Top, £255 by Vince

Gold Beaded Top, £55 by Warehouse

Cone-Shaped Heels, £85 by ASOS


Metallic Pink Heels, £510 by Alexander Wang

Leather-Sleeved Coat, £975 by Helmut Lang

Black Coat, £69.99 by H&M

Printed Satchel, £585 by Proenza Schouler

Embroidered Satchel, £30 by ASOS

Over-Sized Wool-Tweed Coat, £745 byD&G

Lara Coat, £245 by Toast

Star Heels, £480 by Dolce & Gabbana

Heart Heels, £58 by Topshop

Minx Scarf, £89 by Reiss


Wool Embellished Scarf, £450 by Burberry

Black Peep-Toe Crystal-Encrusted Heels, £2,095 by Christian Louboutin

Black Peep-Toe Heels, £40 by ASOS

Monaco Coat, £565 by Paul & Joe

Double-Breasted Coat, £120 by ASOS

Vita Polka Dot Blouse, £720 by Stella McCartney

Polka-Dot Dress, £60 by Warehouse

Monochrome Vintage Dress, £1,275 by One Vintage

Long-Sleeved Monochrome Dress, £45 byRare


Meet TFB’s Newest Contributing Author: Lisa H.

Lisa is a 17-year old student from Belgium with her own fashion news website –Today Trends-. With an addiction to fashion magazines (which she never throws away), she loves it to spot trends!  You can expect more posts from her on all the latest and most remarkable fashion items  as well as  any news that catches her eye…

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