Meet DC’s Hottest Blogger Duo: Katya & Carlis of Spicy Candy DC

Today, TFB readers have the chance to meet an absolutely AMAZING blogging duo from the Nation’s Capital. Not only were they instrumental in helping to organize the city’s first Vintage Fashion Week, they also have dabbled into the world of styling by helping to create a lookbook for a local online retailer.  I love these girls because they are down to earth AND fashionable.

These two ladies were also featured in a recent Refinery 29 DC feature. Whenever, I see them out in DC they are always sweet. I think their name “Spicy Candy DC” is an apt namesake for their personal fashion; its sweet yet undeniably spicy! if you are looking for some street fashion inspiration, make sure you add SPICY CANDY DC to you list of must read blogs. Get to know blondie Katya and Carlis–the brunette! Step into their world of friendship and fashion!

Spicy Candy DC

Tell u a little about yourself:
Katya (the blonde): I was born in Ukraine, grew up in Venezuela, and have been in
the DC area for over 15 years. I spend my days blogging, learning,
exploring the city, and living life to the fullest!
Carlis (the brunette): I Was Born In Bolivia and just like Katya been in the DC area
for now 15 + years! I spend most of my days networking and also
researching of fun and cool places to visit to share with our readers.

Who influences your personal style and how would you describe your
We have many style icons but we get mostly influenced by street style
and all the amazing bloggers out there!

Why did you start fashion blogging:
We started the blog to embrace our passion for fashion and to get away
from the routine of 9-5, but it has grown to much more than a hobby
and we’re super excited for all the amazing projects ahead! Stay tuned

Who is your favorite fashion blogger and why?
Katya: I have follow 20+ blogs on the regular so I definitely have
many favs but I’d say that Elin from Style by Kling, Sandra from 5
inch and up, and Karla from Karla’s closet are my favs.

Carlis: I love Karla from Karla’s Closet! she is the main reason I got
the idea to start a blog w my best friend, I also enjoy reading the
blog of Geri of because i’m addicted!

What are your plans for 2011?
We have many plans in the works but nothing we can share at this time.
Definitely stay tuned for updates!

Who is the designer to watch this year?
We saw a lot of great up-and-coming designers at the Fresh Fasces in
Fashion runway show at NYFW, but we have also just discovered a new
brand Nowhere that is a must watch.

What are your favorite brands?
Too many to name!

Do you have a favorite runway or fashion model?
Abbey Lee, Natalia Vodianova, Bambi Northwood and the iconic Kate Moss


Where do you see fashion moving to in the future?
It’s obvious that fashion bloggers are a huge influence on the fashion
industry so I definitely see bloggers and street style influencing
fashion more and more in the future.


How do you think fashion blogging impacts the industry?
Greatly! Just see who’s sitting in the front rows of all the major
runway shows during FW!

What is in your purse?
Katya: My iPhone, 2012 planner, Turkish Delight NARS lipgloss, YSL #17
lipstick, doggy poopy bags – you never know when my pup Mimi will have
to go :) , Marc Jacobs wallet, and SCDC business cards — it’s all
about networking!
Carlis: Android, Camera, wallet, red lipstick, business cards, a bunch
or random rings and bobby pins, a long to do list!

Describe your dream vacation? Or What is your idea of a fashionable
Katya: I travel a lot, and lately I have been dreaming of the Greek
islands (Mikonos and Santorini), Thailand, or South of France!

Share some styling tips with our readers:
Katya: Mix vintage with current trends for unique looks and
incorporate a pop of color into your outfits for that extra “umff” ;)

Carlis: Always have a signature piece! don’t loose your own personal
style by trying too hard to look like all this other amazing bloggers
and stylist, being unique will take you a long way! Stick to what
looks best on you and your body frame.

How would you describe your style?
Katya: Casual/Chic
Carlis: Flirty/Casual

Do you think brands should be try to create clothing in ways that
create minimal harm to the environment?
Absolutely and also embrace “made in America”

Sustainability also means being able to reuse clothing and recreate
outfits? Do you have recommendations for readers who want to buy
pieces of clothing that can be reused often?
Yes, buy in quality not in quantity and vintage is a great option as
well. You’ll be amazed at what you can find in your local Goodwill !

What is your pet peeve when it comes to fashion or the fashion
Carlis: The fashion industry can get a little pretentious, staying
humble is a good way to network and build strong relationships, a lot
of people who are in the fashion industry will not give you the time
of day if your blog, brand or last name is not beneficial to them in
one way or another!

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