Monthly archives:November 2011

  • The DC Chic List: Events in the DMV... 11/17- 12/3

  • Two HAUTE events at DC Carbon are on the radar for this month! If you read TFB often, you will know that I HEART DC Carbon and I believe in supporting small businesses. If you are free come out to the following two events. Hikma will be at the Felicia Haladner trunk show so be on the look while mingling! Also check out other events on the DC CHIC List!!! I thought these would be some great events [...]
  • Leanne(Dublin)// Interview: Amy Lynam – Irish Fashion Designer.

  • Get to Know Irish Fashion Designer Amy Lynam: "As for my label’s ‘look’, I modelled it on a high end exclusive brand. Being both men’s and women’s clothing, its quite androgynous but still sexy, I hope so anyway! There’s a focus on high quality fabrics, and handcrafts like knit and leather work. I want each piece to be quite special but not outlandish, like a lot of student work would be. I fin[...]
  • Belgium,Lisa H// The Upcoming Trend...How to Rock the Turtleneck

  • Once upon a time there was an article of clothing that was considered old, frumpy and misshaped. Now, elite fashion-designers have started to reinvent and re-use the "turtleneck" and unsurprisingly, it is now a must-have item for the colder days. Beyond just keeping up with the trend, these long necked tops are downright practical! They help keep you warm and can make a good outfit even better.  [...]
  • My Lookbook// Cute and Conservative + Two of My Friends' Take on the Look

  • So, my two friends met up with me at Starbucks after a morning at church and I begged them if I could grab some snapshots of them. I have been meaning to do another Cute & Conservative post for a while and I thought their outfits would make a nice addition to the story. These two girls are not only stylish but are also super smart brainiacs! In fact, one is a medical school student in her fi[...]