Belgium// LisaH : What to Wear under a Tricky Dress (Just in time for NYE!)

You have often wondered just how to wear the dress that doesn’t seem to only allow you to wear a bra!  It is a familiar story… You want a dress but you don’t buy it because you don’t know what to wear underneath. You see a gorgeous dress in the store or on television, but you are hesitant because you keep asking yourself, “What do I have to wear underneath it?”

It should be logical but we are discussing it because there are plenty of people who always seem to forget… It’s really not pretty for others to see your bra in a low back dress. However do not fear! There are solutions. One does not have to avoid wearing  low back dresses! Sit back, relax and check out my solutions for tricky dresses!


Antik Batik Magenta Sequin Dress, $610, available at Shopbop.

No bra goes that low, and think about it, not many people would wear it without one.Here’s the solution!


Thank God! Or Victoria’s Secret. This is a multi-way bra, so it can be worn in many different ways, as halter or over both shoulders.
Victoria’s Secret Low-Back Multi-Way Bra With Gel-Curve, $50, available at Victoria’s Secret.

Image 1 of ASOS Party Dress in Mesh

Asos Dress, $23.73, available at Asos

Very classy, flirty and fun dress. But I see what you are thinking, very low cut, so here’s the solution!


I had no idea they made these! They are also available in nude.

Nordstrom Intimates Uplunge Bra, $28, available at Nordstrom.


LNA Two Tone Dress, $197.90, available atGlassworks.

The tight dress. Where you can see every curve. You don’t want to look like you’ve squeezed yourself into it, you want it smooth.


Great solution! A full-body coverage will make you fearless in a very tight dress.

Yummie Tummie Lavonne Stretch Slip, $78, available at Net-a-Porter.

 Oasis Cross-Over Dres, $50.99, available atOasis.
This is the kind of dress that won’t fit you anymore once you’ve gained a little weight, or a little bloat. What to do in this situation?
Flexees Easy Up Firm Control Full Briefs, $34.14, available at ASOS.
High-waisted underpants, not the ones looking like they came from your grandmother.


Alice In The Eve Gathered Cut Out Dress, $99.95, available at General Pants.

Lovely dress, but you really don’t want that your bra is visible trough those openings and cut-outs, do you?


Gap Backless Bra, $32, available at Gap.

Sticks on your body with an adhesive, and afterwards, you click them together.

Make sure to stay mindful of these helpful tips this holiday season! 

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