DIY: Different Ways to Wear A Man’s Shirt + My DIY Top

“How A Girl Should Put on A Man’s Shirt” is directed by Kati Turkina an features model Irina Zvidrina. Irina is actually the genius behind the various ways to turn a men’s shirt into a envy worthy frock, skirt, and top! Take three minutes to watch this amazing tutorial fashion film. I found it witty, cute, and rather ingenious. While there are tons of fashion tutorials available online, this tutorial takes on a life of its own and is well within its right of being labelled as a film short. I have always thought of film as a mirror which reflects the norms and fads of today’s society or society through the times. As a film and media major in undergraduate school, I remembered seeing some of the older films from the 20s and 30s and reveling in the glimpse of life and fashion of women during those eras. This film is a perfect reflection of how women received information on fashion and how to try new trends. The film has  a sexy edge as it is obvious that model Irina is topless during the shoot. Several commenters have expressed love for her prancing on the youtube page for the film. While it has its edgy moments, I think it is saucy, subtle, and well done! Cheers to Kati and Irina!

Need to add a new song to your fashionable music playlist? The soundtrack to this film, “I Want You” is by Amplified Orchestra and is available on iTunes.

If you feel like you need a mens shirt dress with little fuss, an old school shirt dress will do the trick.

For you more adventurous fashionistas, borrow your boyfriend’s or brother’s shirt to recreate one of Irina’s looks. If the men in your life take umbrage to your confiscating their favorite work shirt, head to a thrift store, GAP or Old Navy for an affordable but well tailored top. I love how she used a narrow belt to add a bit of style. I am interested as to how these creations hold up when one uses a men’s shirt with a a less linear pattern. A pair of pearls or a simple pendant is a nice accent to this look. 


My Take on the DIY Mens Look

I chose a brown and blue striped shirt to make a top to wear with denim jeans. I also paired a blue and brown necklace from the Philippines to give it a more boho ethnic look. Also if you want to create a dress make sure you get a sufficiently long shirt!


Behind the film:

Irina Zvidrina is a stylist, a model, designer.

Her sister, Marina Zvidrina, by training is a fashion designer but works as a fashion illustrator.

Discover their blog:

Colour Heels Diary


  1. by madame jean on January 6, 2012  7:08 am Reply

    je pense que les couleurs noir et blanc est très agréable sur vous

  2. by madame jean on January 6, 2012  7:11 am Reply

    la chemise de l'homme est un style unique très doux

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