Shop the Trend : Parka Mania w/ Lisa H of Belgium

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I remember walking in my parka five years ago, and as they say, trends come back. The cycle has made a full turn: the parka is back. This type of coat is slowly rising with popularity.

You will find a lot of parkas in new collections—some with fur, some with sheepskin… But all types are fashionable. The trend of oversized coats is still going on, and that’s is definitely visible in this trend. I love parkas. I love the way they are larger, longer and warmer than my other coats. If you have a really large parka, the best thing to wear are skinny jeans or jean leggings underneath it. This helps your figure not appear to boxy. Enjoy this shopping guide and good luck with finding YOUR perfect parka.



EspritElizabeth and James Military fur-trimmed parka jacketElizabeth and James


Asos:Maison Scotch


 Meet TFB’s Newest Contributing Author:Lisa H.

Lisa is a 17-year old student from Belgium with her own fashion news website –Today Trends-. With an addiction to fashion magazines (which she never throws away), she loves to spot trends!  You can expect more posts from her on all the latest and most remarkable fashion items  as well as  any news that catches her eye…


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