Belgium, Lisa H// Feel like a princess with Cinderella-like glass slippers

Have you always loved princess gowns and Disney costumes? Well, Marc Jacobs has designed the accessory that will make you feel like a princess. He designed a transparent shoe just like Cinderella’s.

Relax. This pump is not made of real glass but from PVC. Surely, real glass would be uncomfortable and quite dangerous to walk in. Still, the illusion of glass slippers is both magical and fashionable.

Marc Jacobs Transparent PumpMarc Jacobs Transparent Pump

My first reaction was, “How cute!” However, in retrospect, who wants to see your feet squeezed into a shoe? And you can see your whole feet, so make sure you have nothing to hide if you are planning on getting onboard with this trend!

So, is this trend hot or not? Honestly, I don’t think so. It might seem charming and romantic in Cinderella, but no prince will come and sweep you away after seeing your toes squeezed into these shoes. It is okay to show off some skin, but I’ll tell you, this is not the right means to do so.  So I don’t think it’s as charming as it seems. My adice to you;  just go for regular pumps or peep-toes, you will look lovely too! You can also go for a clear heel or clear straps.

For the ones who still love it–you can get it here. Check out other “glass” or lucite heels if you are looking to try this trend:


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