Belgium, LisaH.//The Lace Trend : After the Runway–Now in the stores! Lace it Up!

We have already seen a lot of lace on the runways, but now it is also hitting the stores. Lace dresses can look very good, but I also really love the use of lace as t-shirt. Why? It is a bit more sophisticated and elegant when compared to a regular T-shirt. Here’s a visual shopping guide in case you want to go with this trend. You will definitely find many beautiful items in the stores, just find one that’s right for you. Remember. Wear what you feel comfortable in.

If you think lace tops are a bit too sweet, try them in neon, or any flashy color with a cool blazer or vest. It will immediately give another look to your outfit. It’s just all about accessorizing. Lace tops are also great with statement necklaces. Here’s a small shopping guide with all kinds of lace tops : neon, white, classic, transparant…. enjoy!

What do you think about the lace trend? I’m pro this particular trend, I love it combined with the pastel trend or in bright colors. I have a lace top and dress ( H&M and Asos) which I absolutely love! Check out yesterday’s Lookbook post to see how to wear lace panels!



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