UK, Ella// Be inspired by Cornish nautical interior design and beach fashion! (Fashionable Vacation Series)

Oh, we do love to be beside the seaside…

So during my holiday week the UK saw a heat wave which was just perfect for a family holiday. As we saw at Bristol Fashion Week nautical is always a key fashion story for Spring. However, nautical is always a strong look for coastal holiday homes across Devon and Cornwall. We stayed in a lovely spacious bungalow in a town called Rock. We visited many other places in Cornwall so I shall continue to share you the best of what I saw there over the coming blog posts.

The Whistlers
The bungalow that we stayed at was called the Whistlers.

White, blue and red in varying shades are a good way to bring the nautical look into your home simply if you don’t want to go all out on the design. Surround big patterned rugs with large furniture pieces that are one colour and mix and match pillows for extra charm. Stripes are a key feature and these can work with each other or against each other for a modern charming look.


Pictures adorn the walls here. We counted 41 in total! There is not a single space that is not adorned with photos, family portraits, or art.

wall art

Bring rocks and shells into the home and pile them high for a natural look. Making objects out of driftwood like this candle too is character building. Flowers keep the house fresh.

Colours should be bright and cheerful to make the place look bigger and spacious. The yellow accents in this room really make it feel sunny!


As said you can go modern with stripes or bring old fashioned charm with hexagonal or square shaped fabric in a patchwork designs. Light pulls feature little beach huts. Shells can be used to house soap or other objects about the house if you find big ones on your travels.

light house

Symbolically boats, compasses, seagulls and other birds, fish and such will always dominate nautical. It is one look were you really can’t go wrong for simplicity and beauty.

sofa throws

You can buy this sort of stuff at home design shops such as Cadbury Garden Centre but I feel that buying it whilst you’re out on a trip gives it that extra personality and meaning than buying it for the sake of it. This way it’ll always remind you of your holiday! Give it a go and try adding a few bits and pieces to bathroom or kitchen areas. You don’t have to deck your whole house with it to bring you a bit of sea charm!


//Polzeath Fashion

From my journal: Today we went for a walk from our house in Rock to Daymar Beach and then further down to Polzeath. We passed a lot of fashions along the way and the most noticeable trend was surf wear. Polzeath and Woolacombe are major surfing destinations in the UK. You don’t have to buy your own though as you can hire and have lessons there through various shops and huts along the seafront. dominates their local High Street which runs against the beach. I also saw a lot of ANIMAL and Crew Clothing stores down here.

Other trends I saw were women wearing men’s style shirts over vests, long pendants, shorts and bikinis. I think the shirt over vest thing is a good way to go to keep the sun off your shoulders whilst you’re out and about as that’s generally the quickest way to get sunburnt!

Check out different ways to wear a man’s shirt for ideas to rock this clever trend. Also this post by Telena on fashion is worth a hit!

I hope you’re all enjoying spring and summer season so far,

Love from Ella,

London Editor.

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