NYC// Venus Loves Virgo Presents the Cameo Trend 2012

Cameos… that most feminine piece of carved stone, has been adorning stylish women throughout the ages is a hot trend once more. The art of carving a stone to depict the profile of a loved one was popular when photography was not available. Generally worn as a locket, ring or brooch, it is multi-layered with the top profile in color while the second layer serves as the background. Although today you can find a plethora of fashionable pieces made in any material as the natural stone and shell cameos can cost you anywhere from $600 into the thousands. The hard plastic variety being the most affordable is the easiest to find at retail. I have a couple from Tarina Tarantino, she makes the most fun colorful funky cameo pieces in her jewelry collection. They also don’t have to be an actual person’s profile but can be any type of artwork or image applied in a cameo setting such as the photo examples shown in this post of flowers and edgy skeletons.

Some cool cameo facts:

Cameos were also worn by men often used to decorate armor and sword handles.
Cameos traditionally have depicted the profiles of women, but in ancient Greece young women wore cameos of the god Eros to encourage declarations of love

 Vintage hand-carved italian cameos

As a child I always loved playing with the vintage cameos my mother had in her jewelry box and then later in my teen’s fell in love with them again when studying Victorian Era art in high school. There are several cameo pieces in my collection although none of them have any real monetary value. If I could afford it my go to Cameo source would be from Amadeo M+M Scognamiglio jewelers and my favorite materials for cameos are shell and stone. This is a trend I just luuuuuuuurrrrrrrrvvvvvvvveeeeeeee! And while it’s trending now it’s going to be an important staple in your fall wardrobe. I can’t wait to rock the cameo during the fall/winter months with ruffled and bow-tie blouses. You likey? Stay beautiful! XOXO

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