Luna Voce// EGYPT: Exclusive Peek at Contestants of Miss Top Model of the World

What Top Models wear…. Part I

Dear TFB Readers,

Recently, I flew away from the cold European winter, to go to…30 °C Egypt! But I’m not here to see the pyramids: as the international  winner of last year, I am going to judge at the 20th Top Model of the World final, that will be held at El Gouna, in Egypt, the 30st of March. Now I’m in the beautiful Movenpick Hotel of El Gouna: beaches, palms, camels, kite surfing, dolphins, scuba diving, swimming pools and a lot of…models.  For The Fashion Brewery I will “paparazzi” the girls of Top Model of the World competition. As readers you will be able to see what are they wearing in these days to attract the attention of the judges.

What’s your favorite style? Which country is the most fashionable?  

Here are some of the first photos:


Bangladesh, looks very traditional with this nice dress.

Latvia looks gorgeous like a princess, with her elegant clothes. The top border glitters a lot, same like her earrings. Very stylish and high class.


Easy but sexy beach wear for Carribean. She reminds me of Eva Mendez.


And on this photo, notice the nice detail in Monica’s hair.


Nigeria always surprises me with the most special clothes. She so fashionable, I should make a fashion blog all for her. Here you see one very special vintage looking dress, and another summer dress, with jeans and colorful combination.

 Poland wears this stylish clothes set, perfect for business woman.


And here we have the new Naomi Campbell: Colombia! She’s wearing black pants and a black top with a white border, that makes the difference.

Russia remembers me of the Greek goddesses with her elegant green one shoulder dress.

Spain wears a long dress. Pink and black always look good together. And I like the black and gold purse.


And Canada chose a very sweet short dress, with tight belt around her waist.


As soon as I have new photos, I will post them. (And for the models whose pictures I didn’t publish, it’s because many pictures had bad light, so I want to make better pictures with better light)


Luna Voce

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