Fashion Film// BLK DNM’s ‘Freedom’ Staring Model Dorthea Barth

BLK DNM jumps into the fashion film genre with a 3 minute flick ‘Freedom.’ Blonde model Dorthea Barth Jorgenson stars in the film co-directed by Marius Crowne and Johan Lindeberg.

Moody and ephemeral; these are two words that come to mind after viewing the short film. Some might call it dark but I would rather describe it as moody and mysterious.  The beginning open up with  view of a historical mansion and could be set in a number of time periods but as Dorthea Barth emerges clad in denim and leather it is clear that the film is happening in the present. I love the open empty house theme juxtaposed against a subtle clock ticking within the soundtrack.  “We are rebels” emerges as a theme with a hint of the occult as floor candle lighting rituals intermixed with sign painting carries the end of the storyline.   I think it was well done. Kudos to Team BLK DNM.


“The film shows Dorothea rebelling against something that has held her back. Maybe she’s just finished a long relationship and escapes to this old manor out in the country with just her thoughts, books and paint. Alone, she frees herself. Through her artistic expression, she learns to follow only her true intuition. For me, that is BLK DNM.” Lindberg


I posted some of my favorite looks below from the new collection Enjoy!

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PS. Check out BLK DN’s latest lookbook:

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