TREND ALERT: PUNK COUTURE with Venus Loves Virgo of NYC!


PUNK. ANARCHIST. REBEL ROUSER. QUIET RIOT. RIOT GURL. The punks of the seventies never looked this posh. Punk has gone Haute Couture and we luuurrrvvsss it. While I missed out on being part of the original punk scene thankfully during the eighties I had my childhood idol Punky Brewster to serve as my muse. Okay, so maybe she wasn’t the female half of Sid Vicious & Nancy but she was like ten years old so whatever. I still had my day in the sun with eighties punk. Oh yeah, neon spray painted spiky hair, fishnet stocking, lime leg warmers and any piece of article you could glue studs on. Can’t forget listening to my tapes of Debbie Harry, Lita Ford, The Clash, The Ramones, Joan Jett & the Runaways. Good times. Between being influenced by anything from the late seventies, folk, easy listening, rap, punk, pop, rock, country, graffiti, spaceships, aliens, robots, Afrocentric films and crazy Russians, it’s not hard to imagine why children of the eighties are completely wonky. GOOD TIMES… The influence of punk in fashion and culture can not be denied. The rebellious aesthetic is what makes it alluring. While you put on the clothes and wear the look it’s your attitude that really carries you and that attitude is $$$$ OFF. Punksters don’t care, they are independent spirits unwilling to give in to the established norms of society. And the punk spirit finally had it’s moment of glory with the recent New York City Metropolitan Museum of Art Punk-Chaos To Couture exhibition.

If your not into this look but still want to be on trend then the quickest way to do so is to add the must have quintessentail punk wardrobe staple, the black and white stripe top. One with a skull appliques or print makes the look that more fierce and bolder. You can put together your own looks with some pieces I added in the collage for inspiration or you can just choose to keep it low key street punk with ripped jeans, striped tees, spike and stud cuffs. And or don’t forget the punk hair style. If you have the type of hair that can withstand brutal aggressive styling then go for it. And one last thing to remember, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ATTITUDE AT THE DOOR. Who’s ready to rock this trend? Have a fabulous weekend. Stay beautiful! XOXO



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