Let’s talk about a sweet smelling trend, Hair Perfume. Nothing really new though as scented hair products have come and gone over the decades although in my opinion they don’t make enough of this type of beauty product. And an issue for me with the industry is first they hook you on a scent you can’t live without while wondering how you lived life without it in the first place then poof out of nowhere that dreaded word we ladies loathe to hear, DISCONTINUED. Ugh. Nuff said. At least all of the ones I’ve had in my collection over the years that left my hair ridiculously tempting to sniff have sadly been discontinued.

Thank goodness my arsenal is still stocked with a few. My all time favorite has got to be Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Runway Glimmer Hair & Body Spray (shown below) that was so luscious and mouth watering, I went back for like 5 or 6 more bottles. The next day I tried to order some more and they were gaaawwwwnnn. They literally sold out in like two days. The one you see below is still that first bottle. Yep, I use it that sparingly because the concentration is very strong making the apple-y scent last a long time in your hair with an added bonus of sparkling shimmer. Half an ounce down and six more bottles to go. Yes. I am insane. I know…

Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Runway Glimmer Hair & Body Spray
Obviously you can tell I’m loving this trend but they should have held out until after summer. I feel hair perfume is best during the cold chilly days of winter and a really great smelling shampoo is about all you need in the summer heat. The sticky humidity might actually work against you with hair perfume, it depends on weather the scent is warm or cool. I would definitely go for the cool scents during the summertime, such as the Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia which like the perfume is reminiscent of cool Mediterranean oceans. The perfume version is also very fresh and light, one of my faves for warm weather.
Some other hair perfumes out on the market today featured in the above collage that you might want to check out over at Sephora are, Viktor & Rolfs Flowerbomb, Aquolina’s Pink Sugar Hair Perfume, Cake Beauty Satin Sugar Refreshing Hair Mist, Clean Finishing Hair Scent and Oribe Cote d’Azur sold at Barneys New York. The added bonus is not only the scent but some of these promise to refresh your hair when you skipped out on the shampoo. Some of these are priced a tweeensy bit on the high end but for heavenly scented coifs I’m sure you ladies will agree it’s worth it. There isn’t a girl who doesn’t like her hair sniffed by some hottie passing by. You likey? Opinions? Who’s ready step up their hair game? Stay beautiful! XOXO

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