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I wanted to share some cool trend tips to keep your style cool all summer long! Summer style is in full swing, and if you’re someone who pays attention to fashion, you’ve probably been inundated with advertisements and trends for a couple of months now. Indeed, it seems as if every store window and magazine is constantly reminding us to stock our wardrobes with a bit of neon and some water-themed prints. What we hear a bit less about, however, is jewelry and accessory trends.

Being in tune with summer clothing fashions is wonderful, of course, but the right bit of jewelry can really complete your look and help you to show off some individual style. With that in mind, here are 5 key summer jewelry trends you might see on the beach or around town.

Rose Gold

This is one of the most intriguing fashion trends of the summer, simply because it’s not often that rose gold is particularly emphasized. Still, there’s something that just works about matching rose gold with the summer – almost like this is a more laid back, warm weather type of gold. Whatever it is, this season is your chance to try something new and rock some rose gold!


Beads & Color

If you want something more casual (and a bit cheaper) than rose gold to highlight your summer jewelry box, try some colorful beads, or raw stone jewelry.

FashionBrew shows you how with a beaded look.

FashionBrew shows you how with a beaded boho look.

Obviously these sorts of ornaments are perfect for the beach, and with this summer’s style emphasizing color even more than usual, you’ll fit right in!


Pendants & Charms

Many would attribute the growing popularity of pendants and charms to those little Pandora charm bracelets you see so many people wearing. However, there are plenty of other options to support this trend. For example, you may even want to check out 77 Diamonds click here if you want to go for some upscale style – they have breathtaking but playful diamond pendants.


Oversized Watches

Historically, women have usually worn smaller, daintier watches, while men tend to go for larger options. The trend isn’t exactly reversing, but at least on the women’s side of things, oversized has become stylish! One great way to blend jewelry trends this summer is to opt for an oversized, loose-fitting rose gold watch.


Flowers & Feathers

Finally, if you’re looking for something a bit more unique, you may want to have some fun with the trend of including flowers and feathers in jewelry. Of course, no one’s putting real flower petals into designs, but fake flowers as ornaments on necklaces and earrings are trendy this summer, and feathers can provide a similarly unique look.

Feather earrings are a simple way to try this style!

Feather earrings are a simple way to try this style!

These pieces are generally more casual, but are perfect for your poolside summer time or strolls on the beach!

Mix the beaded and feather trend. FashionBrew shows you how!

Mix the beaded and feather trend. FashionBrew shows you how!

 I hope these tips encourage you to make some new summer accessory styling choices!




Stephanie Brandt is a freelance writer and fashion consultant. She contributes to a number of blogs on fashion and accessories.


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