Fall 2013 Eye Trends with NYC’s VLV: Inverted Cat, Invisible Shadow + Floating Eye


The Fall Equinox we had this weekend marked the passing of summer and the start of fall which not only means its a great time to renew and recharge your life but that there’s a subtle shift in our wardrobe along with fresh new beauty looks. And there’s a lot happening in the world of make-up that’s really exciting this year. Last year it was all about the heavy drama with dark smokey eyes and vamp plum/red lips and although it’s a season of sultry looks this year a huge difference being a plethora of pinks, rose, pale burgundy and orange has been incorporated into the fall palette. All the variety this season is honestly welcoming with more of an emphasis on the natural look and a softer focus in contrast to last years smoldering face. I’m also loving the minimalist pale metallic and bright autumnal shades which I’ll be reporting about in the upcoming weeks but for today it’s all about a trio of the hottest trends in fall eye looks, the Inverted Cat Eye, Floating Eye look and the Invisible Eye Shadow (green liner). I just called it the green liner look because that’s the hottest color of the moment but any single shade can be used. What do you guy’s think about all these quirky little trends? Are you loving the fact your lids get an airy lighter lift from all the hardcore smokiness of seasons past? Stay beautiful! XOXO
Inverted Cat Eye: Simply put, this is a cat eye created with a white eyeliner instead of black or any other color. It’s pretty much like the inverted lip liner that was poplar awhile back and is still around.
Floating Eye: This trend is created by placing a single shade liner right under the brow bone and slightly above the crease of your lid making the color appear to float in between.
Invisible Shadow: This is all about creating a look using only a single shade of eye liner such as green, blue, black or orange without any use of eye shadow. It’s akin to the pink eye from a few seasons back. You can apply the liner on the lids, along the side or just the corners making it easy to personalize and have fun with.

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