Travel Wall: My Take On the Wall Collage

Hey Tfbers,

I usually do not post on decor but I had a ton of fun creating a collage wall for my mom. She had tons of travel photos and they were all over the hallways and living rooms. I removed the photos from everywhere but a hallway and created a pathway with photos and frames. The effect was awesome because it created so much more space in other parts of the house. This is a great way to make space for other design ideas and motifs if family photos and travel knick knacks are taking over your house.

If you want to try this here are some tips:

mix up frame styles: first take stock of how many types of frames you are working with as well as any unique or standout frames. Then cluster the type of frames together in piles. Make sure the various colors are spread throughout the collage wall. My mother had many clear photos so wooden frames were more of an accent. The photo above shows about 1/3 of the wall.

Add other items besides frames: travel knick knacks and wood art that can be hanged adds a cool vibe. You can even add a cabinet in the mix if it is tasteful to do so.

Add lighting: try adding a skinny standing lamp as part of the landscape. You can also place a figurine or lamp on a table or stool.




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