I'm an arquitecture student who wants to find her own style. I opened this blog when I started college cause I want to see my own evolution. Here I'll post anything that's makes me be the way I am.

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  • Cibeles Fashion Week with Juls

  • I love the fashion week! here in spain It's not the same as the great fashion capitals like Milano, NY, Paris...but we have some good designers here. I really like Adolfo Dominguez, Hannibal Laguna, David Delfin or the one I was able to attend last Monday, Sita Murt. One of the most amazing things is the space before the show. You can walk through different stands, meet new people, a lot of bl[...]
  • Juls(Spain)//Destination: Paradise

  • How about going out to a paradise destination in the middle of a cold winter? Goodbye winter! hello summer! What do you carry in your bag when crossing the Atlantic? It's essential  to have the following: the mini pillow, the sleeping mask, water for be hydrated, passport, nice reading and good music. The past few days I have been in Cancun (Mexico) with my friends. It has been an[...]
  • AROUND THE WORLD with Julia from Spain

  • Hi TBF readers! My name is Julia, but everybody call me Juls. I am a spanish blogger and I am so lucky to have this great oportunity to be here posting in this amazing place. I have my own fashion blog, University Lifestyle, where  I love to post about myself, what I love, my wish list  or  places I like to visit. For my  first post, I am going to introduce you to my country. I have visited m[...]