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Hello fellow fashionista's & beauty addicts alike! I'm new here to the Fashion Brewery and was informed about this site from Telena from FB. I couldn't have been happier to receive her invite to be a contributing fashion/beauty writer as well as to have been invited as an editor. For now I'm going to stick to writing as to test the waters with what I can accomplish here. If and when my status can become upgraded to editor I'll let you guys know. Let's get started.
A little about me:
I have a background in the field of fashion and publicity as well as having done some work as a freelance stylist. I have an Associates Degree in Fashion Marketing/Management & Merchandising. Was lucky to have been able to participate in certain fashion events in the past and was a backstage dresser for a few fashion shows. I'm also a beauty & health product junkie. Hunting down new beauty finds is an adventure for me especially exotic perfumes. I started my blog Venus Loves Virgo so I can share experiences with everything fashionable & beautiful with other like minded people. Occasionally products are sent to me from publicity making me able to test & review an item and pass the information on to my subscribers. Consider me a test subject so you don't have to be. You can read more about my style, fashion favorites and must have beauty products in the "About Me" link located on my blog's side bar. In addition to my fashion & beauty blog I also own and maintain a food blog having been cooking alongside my grandmother since five years of age. This blog is based on traditional Southern Lucanian Italian cuisine and recipes passed down to me which have been in my family for generations titled "Project Lucania" which currently is still a work in progress due to time constraints. So there you have it, not only am I a fashionista but I can throwdown in the kitchen whipping up some fancy dishes! My hopes for 2011 are to be more creative with my blog adding new and better content as well as testing more & new products plus bringing the latest news in fashion, culture, health and lifestyle to my subscribers. I'm also very excited to participate here at the Fashion Brewery and hope my contribution is useful and appreciated in any way. if you have any questions or would like to join my blog feel free to do so. Here's to a super great year for us all in 2011. Thank you for your time.Stay beautiful! XOXO

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