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  • Join me at Charity Power Brunch LA this Saturday!

  • Awesome Charity Brunch Event! Join me & others at POWER BRUNCH LA event! Food for Knowledge, Knowledge for thought, Power Brunch LA is the start! In the heart of Los Angeles, CA over bottomless libations and gourmet brunch buffet the purpose and mission of this event series is three fold-- 1.To curate an audience of professional men and women. 2.To cultivate a stimulating environm[...]
  • Travel Wall: My Take On the Wall Collage

  • Hey Tfbers, I usually do not post on decor but I had a ton of fun creating a collage wall for my mom. She had tons of travel photos and they were all over the hallways and living rooms. I removed the photos from everywhere but a hallway and created a pathway with photos and frames. The effect was awesome because it created so much more space in other parts of the house. This is a great way to m[...]
  • TREND ALERT-SPRING 2014 EYE WEAR with Venus Loves Virgo

  •  The first trend report of the new year is a spotlight on Spring 2014 Eye Wear. Nothing completes a summer outfit quite like a great pair of chic shades and let's not forget sunglasses are essential for eye protection from harmful ultraviolet rays and to keep delicate area around the eyes from wrinkles. The season's trend for sunnie's are nothing short of playful with bold, bright colors, mirrors,[...]
  • Polo Classic: Fun Time in the Sun

  • I admit, I have been  a bit guilty of hoarding photos from some of the places I have gone in the past months. It is never to late to share so I am pouring out a stream of photos from some of my favorite recent moments---that never made it to the blog. I love that my blog serves a logging purpose. I enjoy writing in an almost stream of consciousness style because it relaxes me and is less formal th[...]
  • Late Night in Venice: Casual Fun

  • On a sunday, I joined my designer friend Joanna of  Kinsman Swim for a fun houseparty. We actually walked around in downtown Venice earlier. I know these photos are pretty casual and I did not use my Cannon camera but it was such a fun memory that I thought it would be fun to share these two photos with you all! I am wearing a cutoff sweater by Volcom and shorts by Ambercrombie. Sunglasses are [...]