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  • Fashion Film: ‘Iris’ by Barnaby Roper

  • Art Imitates Life or Does Life Imitate Art?! Fashion films are on the rise and its a good thing… Many designers are engaging film makers to make short films depicting an idea or to show their product in a different way. While some of these films are more commercial and are meant for viral campaigns, others are purely artistic exploration.  There is a new crop of fashion film directors on the rise.[...]
  • Holly Fulton for TEST MAG

  • This is a really fun fashion video that reminds me of rapper M.I.A. I love the interplay of the colors and bright vivid imagery. Love the play with colors, cutouts, and vignettes!!! HOLLY FULTON for TEST MAG Click “Play” than wait. It takes 5 seconds to load... Click "Play", than wait. It takes 5 seconds to load Love the play with colors, cutouts, and vignettes!!!  or Watch [...]
  • Street Etiquette: Preppy Urban Ivy League Fashion

  • Calling all neo-preps and buppies!!!  Check out this awesome shoot from Street Etiquette bloggers Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumb. I love how they combine preppy essentials with modern sensibilities. If you have not notice, more and more urban men are opting for the neo-prep look that echos Kanye West but borrows from popular trends from the UK. According to Work It, the shoot was : photographe[...]
  • W Magazine Film: "Sunday" by Alex Prager

  • Are you a fan of the surreal? Well in "Sunday" artist Alex Prager explores fashion mixed with a keen retro sensibility.  Alex Prager directed "Sunday" based on her fashion story for the November Art issue of W Magazine. I love the rich color palette in this film. Kudles to Bob Curreri. Credits: Director of photography — Ross Richardson Redhead woman — Jessica Joffe Producer — Jeff Vespa [...]
  • W Magazine Collaborates with Christian Dior to Impact Fashion Film

  • Christian Dior collaborates with Conde West’s W magazine to create the Fashion of Film fest.  The interactive website features ‘fashionable films, artful video and designer shorts’. How awesome is this?! Get inspired… Editor-in-Chief Stefano Tonchi says, “Since W is renowned for its beautiful photographs of fashion and celebrities, W the website will offer not just those images but also incredi[...]