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  • Summer Nail Fun: Two Different DIY styles to try

  • Hey Loves, I really love to create DIY nail designs. As you may already know, I like to post photos of my designs on my instagram account. Every week I change up my nails as a fun way to shake up my style. Nail design is a fun way to change up your style and it is a great conversation starter. I know some people think nail designs are gaudy but I love them! Check them out! x FashionBre[...]
  • Rebecca from London// Festival Chic: Get the Look

  • Festival Chic: Get the Look With the festival season in full swing, make sure you don’t get caught sartorially short this year.  Invest in some key pieces to ensure you ooze festival chic. Whilst it can be hard to know what to cram into your festival wardrobe as space is limited and you don’t have a full-length mirror or washing machine on tap, these tried-and-tested pieces will make sur[...]
  • Bikini Brew: Introducing RYGY

  • It is summer time and while some may grimace at the large amounts of articles on bikinis---the reality is plenty of people are hitting the beach. Rather you are poolside or on the beach trying to escape the heat, you definitely want to stay stylish while doing so. I love swimsuits by RYGY. This green suit is gorgeous in person and the beading really gives it a luxury vibe. I also have the sequined[...]