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  • Polo Classic: Fun Time in the Sun

  • I admit, I have been  a bit guilty of hoarding photos from some of the places I have gone in the past months. It is never to late to share so I am pouring out a stream of photos from some of my favorite recent moments---that never made it to the blog. I love that my blog serves a logging purpose. I enjoy writing in an almost stream of consciousness style because it relaxes me and is less formal th[...]

  •   Let's talk about a sweet smelling trend, Hair Perfume. Nothing really new though as scented hair products have come and gone over the decades although in my opinion they don't make enough of this type of beauty product. And an issue for me with the industry is first they hook you on a scent you can't live without while wondering how you lived life without it in the first place then poof ou[...]
  • TREND ALERT: PUNK COUTURE with Venus Loves Virgo of NYC!

  •                           PUNK. ANARCHIST. REBEL ROUSER. QUIET RIOT. RIOT GURL. The punks of the seventies never looked this posh. Punk has gone Haute Couture and we luuurrrvvsss it. While I missed out on being part of the original punk scene thankfully during the eighties I had my childhood idol Punky Brewster to serve as my muse. Okay, so maybe she wasn't the female half of Sid Vicious & [...]
  • New York// Victoria gives us details from the S.I.L.K. Press Preview!

  • Hi TFB Readers, My name is Victoria and I am a new writer for TFB! Recently, I attended a Fall Press Preview for the S.I.L.K. Collection. I snapped a few photos and I also have some amazing official photos to share with you! My favorite jacket of the collection by far was this grey and cream number below! The next photo shows the sequin detailing on one of their shift dresses; it's a [...]
  • Wedding Trends with Lindsay Mansfield: The 411 on What is Hot Now!

  • Fashion trends – they come and go and then and, years down the line, they are revived yet again. The multi-billion dollar industry of weddings is no different, and so professionals, brides and enthusiasts are constantly on the hunt for the next big thing. 2013 is a year in which nuptials will see some budding fads gain momentum, others reach new heights and yet others begin to fall. Less and [...]