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  • VLV of NYC presents the CORSET BELT TREND

  • The corset belt is a hot trend you'll need to watch out for this season. These waist cinching belts were first created to make a girls waist line look smaller. The down side of this vintage fashion staple was the dangerous effects it had on a woman's body. Depending on the material used (some were made out of bone) when worn daily over extended periods of time, and tied the usual style in the mo[...]
  • NYC// Trends with Venus Loves Virgo: Baroque Trend Fall 2012

  •   Fashionistas rejoice! Even with all the futuristic metal and edgier Gothic trends out this fall, it seems that romance, frills, flounce and lace fashions are tipping the scales towards a more ladylike inspired wardrobe for the season. A fall trend for your consideration is Baroque inspired pieces, another one of my beloved historic fashion costume periods. For those who don't know,[...]
  • Hollywood, California: Runway Photos and Deets From Ankara Fest LA

  • Hey Loves, between balancing a crazy cough and event coverage, things have been bonkers here in LA. prepare for a slew of photos as I catch up on sharing deets from all the events I have attended recently. Xox fashionbrew   Update: At the end of September, I announced that was partnering with ANKARA FEST LA as a media partner. It was great to see some of you come [...]
  • Meet the Norwegian Blogger Duo behind Hot New Blog: Kooky Swank

  • Get to know the fashionable and fun duo Milla and Martine through TFB's exclusive Q and A interview! These two bloggers are on trend and I love the simple aesthetic of their blog, KookySwank. If you are looking for a new blog to follow with its own distinct voice jump on the KookySwank train! What is Kookyswank?! IS A SOURCE OF INSPIRATION. THE ITEMS PEOPLE CHOOSE TO WEAR ARE [...]
  • NYC's VLV// Fall 2012:Gothic Fashion and Beauty

  • Your first trend report, Fall 2012:Gothic Fashion and Beauty. This look is one of those perpetual fall staples every time the cool weather season rolls around the corner. And with such recent hit movies as Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Dark Shadows as well as a couple of more Gothic themed films coming out this year, this vampy cultural inspiration ignites momentum to the allure of the edgy rom[...]
  • Marina del Rey, CA: Behind the Scenes of My Shoot with Miss Kinsman Swimwear

  • Hey guys! So, you may or may not know it, but I did some light modeling back in my pageant days-- and now you are now officially in the know. I did model. And now it seems I have begun to dabble once again. Being back in Los Angeles feels good and I have found that I swiftly fell into "how I got my groove back" after law school syndrome.  Recently, I decided to do some modeling during the period [...]
  • LONDON FASHION WEEK 2012-2013 HIGHLIGHTS with Sara Coppola!

  • After the Copenhagen - and New York Fashion Week, it is now time for the London Fashion Week to demonstrate what to expect in 2013. The fashion week officially starts Friday 14September and ends Tuesday 18 September. Some of the highlights will be the fabulous and relatively fresh designers Felder Felder and Peter Pilotto, as well as known designs from Moschino Cheap and Chic, Acne, MQ Alexander[...]