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Press, PR companies, Individuals representing companies or clients: For immediate inquiries or alerts contact the Editor-in-chief

For brand placement, contests, or to send in pieces to be featured on TFB

For bloggers and emerging designers: If you are requesting to be featured on TFB please email via the contact form


Contributing Writer and Editor Intake//

Are you a writer, blogger, or fashion addict looking to contribute to TFB or become part of the team?! Cover fashion events in your country, build your network, conduct interviews and more!

Please contact us at:


Notice: We are currently looking for editors, contributing writers, photographers, and bloggers to represent in countries around the world.

Please get in touch if you would like to report on your country or region’s local fashion scene. Return to the main page to read our posts ( or head to our facebook page (TFB Facebook) to show us some love!

Actively looking for editors and writers from the following regions (If your country is not listed please still email us as we are interested in all regions or the world!):

Central Europe: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia

Eastern Europe: Belarus, Estonia,Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova and Ukraine

Southeastern Europe: Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia,  Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia

Russia and Turkey

Taiwan, Mongolia, Macua, Ukraine

Philippines, Bali, Thailand, and Cambodia

South Africa, Ghana, Peru, Argetina, Aruba

Nigeria, Gabon, Botswana, Angola, Namibia

Suriname, Martinique, Cape Verde, Kenya

Ethiopia, Greece, Cyprus, Macedonia

Guatemala, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Ecuador, Chile and Honduras

*We are especially interested in underrepresented regions in fashion!  Do you have killer street fashion? Do you always know where to find fashionable people?! Would you like to interview boutique owners, designers, models, or stylists in your region?!


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  1. by Nathalia on August 21, 2013  3:55 pm Reply

    Hi there!! I am Naty from Venezuela actually living in Melbourne in the USA, fashion is my passion and everything a long with it! I don't have many experience as a blogger because I am your starting my own but I am willing to learn and besides that I have passion for it what makes it easy to make it perfect!! I enjoy very much interviewing everybody and finding information necessary to build an article! I hope I can join your team!!

    Nathalia Blancato

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