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  • Ema Savahl Contest + TFB Readers Win! + My Lookbook:Summer Tank

  • If you have not figured it out by now, I am going to reiterate to all my readers how much I adore Ema Savahl clothing. I LOVE IT! As you have seen from some of my style post and the featured interview questions from the designer herself, I have a keen interest in the collection. The attention to detail and uniqueness of her dresses add to the overall appeal. There are thousands of dresses but an E[...]
  • My Lookbook – Ema Savahl Gown: Spring Time = Balls, Formal Events & More…

  • The spring ushers in a season of fun nights and formal events. Youngsters and college girls get dressed up at formals and proms.  Organizations hold soirees and balls... Red carpet events are also a great opportunity to rock a  full length gown. One of the more despressing aspects of being a law school student is the lack of time to attend social events. Before law school I use to host events and[...]