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  • NYC's V.I.V. //Trend Alert: High Heeled Loafers

  • Loafers-the iconic shoe that's sparking a hot trend on the market today except these loafers are not your classic American Sock hop and poodle skirt style of shoe. And you don't need to own a yacht to look cool in them either. Revisit that school girl feeling again only this time with a twist, high heeled or an a platform. Anyone can rock this trend by finding that perfect pair suitable to yo[...]
  • V.L.V. (NYC)// Spring 2011 Trend Alert: Flatforms

  • "Flatforms also have a reminiscent hint of the wooden "geta" shoes worn by Geisha's and similar in type to the raised flats worn by Arabian harem girls." What's a flatform you ask? Quite simply ballet flats mashed up with a platform hence flatform. Although this style has to be absolutely brilliant in terms of ease, comfort and look it's surely nothing new in design-think a more stylish Jes[...]