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  • Belgium, Lisa H.// The Essentials: The Designer Look for Less

  • Everyone loves brands, but not everyone loves the costly price tags that often accompany a must-have item. Here are some lovely look-a-likes inspired by luxury designer items. If you go to the Zara you'll always find a good item. Make the test for yourself when choosing between luxury and lower end. In some cases you might surprise your self by purchasing a cheaper item of similar quality. For s[...]
  • Stella McCartney Makes Big Waves With Couture Sportswear

  • Couture Sportswear... Caroline Woziacki will┬ádebut a new ballerina dress At Australian Open, for a more feminine silhouette.┬áThe 20-year-old Danish athlete is ranked No. 1 in the world. The Stella McCartney-designed ballerina dress will be introduced at the first Grand Slam of the year. Caroline looks very alluring and the design is part of a larger makeover effort for her image. According t[...]